About us

In 2018, residents and supporters founded the cooperative “in der Heilstätte eG”. One year later the cooperative bought the 21-hectar lot with its eight large and several small buildings. The property is now under our shared ownership. Everyone who lives here is part of the cooperative and has the same rights.

We are individuals and families who have decided to live and work together in the “Freie Feldlage”. What brings us together are shared values and goals. We would like to contribute to social and ecological change in the world and see ourselves as a laboratory for the future.

Step by step, we would like to restore the buildings of the former sanatorium, creating self-managed housing for 50 to 100 people. The huge site is to be filled with life by the residents and by different cultural events and seminars, too.

Our values

External impact The Freie Feldlage project is not a private project; we want to contribute to socio-ecological change in the world. We are convinced that this change must take place on both a social and an individual level.
Sustainability We pay attention to ecological sustainability and resource-conscious action in all areas of life.
Sensitivity to discrimination There is no place for racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of devaluation at this place.
Criticism of hierarchies Hierarchies can not always be eliminated, but are constantly critically questioned.
Drug sensitivity We would like to live in a drug-aware place. Using drugs on the premises is questioned and consciously organized.
Freedom from the logic of exchange We do not exchange our work in the project, space rental for events, etc. for money, but negotiate what we can give and what we need.
Visitors of the Light Painting Festival at a light installation with flashlights in front of the south wing at night, 2023. Zolaq.

Support us

The registered association “In der Heilstätte Harzgerode e.V.” is open to anyone who would like to support the community, realize environmental and educational projects or get involved in the revitalization of the historical building. Our members are living in the former sanatorium, have been our guests or are living in the region. Donations enable us to realize the goals of the association. Even (many) small donations are a great help.

Freundeskreis der Gemeinschaft in der Heilstätte Harzgerode e.V


IBAN: DE34 8006 3508 2501 0573 00, Harzer Volksbank, Vereinsregisternummer VR 528, Amtsgericht Stendal Steuernummer 117/142/01095

Residents weeding out the overgrown areas in front of the south wing of the former sanatorium, 2019. Collection Freundeskreis in der Heilstätte Harzgerode e.V.

Get to know us

There is a lot of work to be done here, and we welcome help with building, gardening, maintenance, cooking, etc. Basically, everyone is welcome who wants to help out and is prepared to meet the community and its guests with openness and tolerance. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us.

There are also get-to-know-you weekends to provide interested people a first insight into the project and our life. You can find more information on what’s up next here

Freie Feldlage would like to attract new members who actively participate in the project, supporting it and living at the place permanently. This requires a process in which both sides get to know each other and explore how their ideas of communal living fit together. There is an Anwachs concept to clarify this process for both sides.

Our onboarding process

In principle, all people are welcome in the project. However, we believe it makes sense to provide a start-up period with limited (but increasing) rights and obligations. This growing-in process serves to clarify mutual expectations, get to know the project and the people and find out whether living and working together is desirable for both sides. There are four different phases of community affiliation in our onboarding process:

Guest, Getting-to-Know-You, Trial Resident and Full Member. There is also the supporter role and full members on sabbatical.

An integral part of the growing process are so-called reflection meetings, which take place regularly between the interested person and the community. This is where people get to know each other better: interested people have the opportunity to learn more about the project and their future role as a part of the community.

Residents of the Freie Feldlage waving into the camera, 2020. Collection Freundeskreis in der Heilstätte Harzgerode e.V.