Course on “Wilderness and nature connection”: Sat, 08.06.2024 from 2-5 pm

Wilderness education methods give us the opportunity to experience nature differently. Nature is not just around us, we are part of it. With a questioning, wondering and sometimes playful approach, we want to go into the forest and get involved with what we encounter: Plants, animals, insights - not least about ourselves. The focus will be on: Sitting meditation (staying in one place and observing what happens around us), feeling and recognizing trees, recognizing plants, identifying plants, talking circles. Beginner-friendly :)

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get-to-know-us weekend: 12.07. to 14.07.2024

Aerial photo with the main building, the nursery and the two residential buildings for the employees, 2020. Collection Freundeskreis in der Heilstätte Harzgerode e.V.